How To Grill Your Lobster Tails

Posted by Luke's Lobster on

Tips From the Grill Master - Luke Holden
Tip 1: Thaw tails under refrigeration to maintain the texture of the meat.
Tip 2: Blanching releases meat from the shell - "it let's you get the most out of your tail!"
Tip 3: When grilling your split tails, "as soon as that meat turns from translucent to an opaque white, it's good to go, pull it off the grill."

"July nights we love to throw some tails on the grill under the pines, crack open some Allagash and watch the sun set over the Saco River. I like to balance a lobster tail dinner with corn on the cob and finish it off with a slice of blueberry pie - this is Maine after all!"
 - Luke